Turn Angry Customers Into Fans

Have you ever encountered angry customers? No doubt you probably have and the encounter may have not been a pleasant one at all. Let’s take a look at some helpful solutions that end with the result of turning your angry customers into fans.

The one rule you want to remember is that one angry customer is likely to tell at least 10 people about their unpleasant experience. These 10 people will then tell 10 and so the pattern repeats. You could potentially end up losing a hundred customers or more, all because of the one angry customer.

Of course, you want to avoid this happening at all costs, so what is the right way to deal with this type of situation?

One important thing to note here is that research has showed that the majority of customers do not suddenly blow their cool. Their anger or dissatisfaction is a consequence of events that has happened over a period of time.

For example if a company never answers the phone or takes days to answer emails, this makes a customer upset. The person is trying to contact someone to ask a question or get an issue resolved. They are made to feel as though all the company was interested in was their payment. There is no solid customer service in place, and their repeated attempts of talking to someone have gone unanswered.

If this happens several times, you can easily see and sympathize with the person. Wouldn’t you be angry too?

For you as a business person it is then important to ensure that you have a good support system in place. Can your customers easily connect with someone, do you have a dedicated support desk in place?


When and if, you do have to deal with that angry customer here is the best way to handle the situation:

  1. Acknowledge the issue and apologize
  2. Empathize with your customer by asking questions and by listening to their reply
  3. Resolve the issue as quickly as possible
  4. Keep your promise to your customer and follow up to ensure that the problem is fixed
  5. After about a week follow up with the customer to see if they are now satisfied with your resolution

While the above steps are simple enough they are not performed by business owners nearly enough. While your first reaction may be to argue back, do not. Instead listen to your customer as you will gain some valuable insights to how your company is viewed.